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Cranfield, Bedfordshire

The White Park Brewery is based in Bedfordshire and have a passion for all things natural and wholesome.  The brewery is sited in a farm courtyard barn and run by a team of enthusiastic brewers! The name of the brewery evolves from the owner's love of keeping rare breed animals, including White Park cattle, an ancient Britsh breed famed for its good eating - especially when fed spent malt from a brewery!


The brewery sell a range of fine real ales, each individual brew crafted by hand in a traditional manner. Beers range from a smooth mild, through to traditional best bitter, stout, porter, golden ale and a pale ale with a European style lager taste.


See below for the range of regular beers brewed by White Park Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer.

That One, 4.7% abv

That One is a traditional brown ale. Full bodied, fruity with a jammy aftertaste.

Bedford Best, 4.1% abv

Bedford Best is a traditional best bitter, smooth, slightly biscuity, balanced bitterness.

Stumped, 4.3% abv

Stumped is a light straw coloured bitter, with citrus notes and medium bitterness.

White Gold, 3.8% abv

White Gold is an aromatic hop aroma, light bitterness, grassy and fresh.

Mayflower Mild, 3.3% abv

Mayflower Mild is a smooth traditional mild, low in alcohol and with plenty of fruit and malt flavour.

Nightjar, 4.5% abv

Nightjar is a dark red/brown porter.  Robust, complex and mature with chocolate and coffee notes. Smoky nose with a beige head.

White Park Blonde, 4.0% abv

White Park Blonde is a straw coloured bitter, hoppy yet well balanced.

Kellys Stout, 4.2% abv

Kellys Stout is a very dark brown, near black. Medium strength dry stout in the Irish tradition with moderate bittering. Smooth creamy white head. Packed with flavour.

GB, 5.0% abv

GB is the quintessential pint of Great British beer - complexity, colour, strength and balance.

Cranfield Bitter, 4.5% abv

Cranfield Bitter is an amber and malty, full flavoured bitter.

Moonshine, 5.2% abv

Moonshine is a strong pale ale, fresh in taste, slightly peppery, continental style beer.

Kellyhopter, 4.8% abv

Kellyhopter is a light yellow, spring malt based ale, with four traditional hop varieties.

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