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Edenbridge, Kent

Established in 2004, Westerham Brewery is proud to bring brewing back to the historic town of Westerham. With a rich brewing heritage, Westerham can once again be proud of locally brewed, top quality craft beer.


Locally sourced, their malt and hops are chosen with skill and care to produce ales with a distinct yet traditional flavour.  The local hard water, which percolates through the Lower Greensand Ridge to the south of Westerham, is excellent for brewing ales such as the IPA for which Westerham was once famous.


The Westerham Brewery have revived some of the beer styles of the old brewery which closed in 1965 and brew all beers with the yeast strains that may have been used for over 200 years.

Finchcocks Original, 3.5% abv

A session beer made using hops exclusively from the Finchcocks hop garden in Kent.

Grass Hopper, 3.8% abv

A dark, malty bitter with nutty, roasted notes from the chocolate malt. This session bitter is hopped with Kent Target hops from the National Trust’s hop farm at Scotney Castle and Finchcocks’ Kent Goldings.   A satisfying and flavoursome pint.

Spirit of Kent, 4.0% abv

This golden ale is hopped with 9 different types of Kent bred and Kent grown hops in a total of 9 separate additions.

Freedom Ale, 4.0% (Cask) 4.8% (Bottle) abv

Produced to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act on 25th March, 1807.  Maris Otter pale ale malt, crystal malt and Kentish hops combine with Fairtrade Demerara sugar to produce a amber ale.  It is characterised by its mellow bitterness and long hoppy finish.

British Bulldog, 4.3% abv

A rich, full bodied best bitter in the traditional Kent style. Finest Maris Otter pale ale malt and crystal malt for colour and richness.  Hopped with local Kent Northdown and Finchcocks’ Whitbread Golding Variety and finished in the Hop Rocket with Progress hops from Scotney Castle for a full flavour and aroma.

1965, 4.8% abv

A premium ale to commemorate the year 1965 when the Black Eagle Brewery closed, Winston Churchill passed away and Robert Wicks was born.  Brewed to a similar recipe that Bill Wickett used for his last brew at the old brewery on 3rd March 1965.


Kent Northdown hops give a clean, refreshing full bodied flavour for which English ales are famous.  Finished with Finchcocks’ Kent Goldings for flavour and aroma.

Hop Rocket India Pale Ale, 4.8% abv

A true India Pale Ale brewed with only Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt and no Crystal Malt.  It is a deep golden ale with a thirst quenching bitterness.   Hopped with First Gold, Fuggles, Bramling Cross, Progress and Goldings.

Audit Ale, 6.2% abv

A strong ale, brewed to the 1938 strength and using the same ingredients as the original best selling bottled beer of the Black Eagle Brewery.  This beer was brewed for the 2nd SIBA South East of England beer festival and the beer took the Gold Medal in the strong ales category.  Since then Audit Ale has gone on to win a range of regional and national awards including Supreme Champion Cask Beer two years in a row.


Made with pale and crystal malts and huge charge of Kent Goldings hops.

Puddledock Porter, 4.0% abv

A traditional dark brown winter ale brewed with Crystal and Chocolate Malts, hopped with Kent Northdown, Bramling Cross and Goldings hops for flavour and aroma.

Double Stout, 5.5% abv

First brewed in 2009 to the style and strength of the Black Eagle Brewery’s famous Double Stout 1938 gyles.   Made with a blend of coloured and roasted malts. Late hopped with Kent Goldings.   The label design is inspired by the 1930s and 1940s bottle labels of the Black Eagle Brewery.

Viceroy India Pale Ale, 5.0% abv

A true English IPA. The hops are Target and Progress grown from the National Trust’s Scotney Castle hop garden.

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