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Thatcham, Berkshire

West Berkshire Brewery is known for an award-winning range of traditional cask ales and bottled beers having won more than 30 awards since they first started brewing beer in 1995.


Their reputation is built on the quality of product and the service that they offer to their customers, they also have a clear ethos concerning the impact on the environment and strive to make their business as sustainable as possible.

Old Father Thames, 3.6% abv

A low gravity bitter, amber in colour and light in body, well-rounded and balanced.

Mr Chubb's Lunchtime Bitter, 3.7% abv

Light amber in colour and moderately hoppy with spicy overtones provided by single-varietal English hops.

Maggs’ Magnificent Mild, 3.8% abv

Maggs’ Magnificent Mild is dark and full of roast malt flavours coupled with a smooth mouth feel and gentle sweetness.

Mr Swift's Pale Ale, 3.8% abv

A light, straw-coloured bitter, fragrantly hoppy and extremely drinkable.  The hops in the brew are a classic mix of Fuggles and Goldings over a pale malt base creating a uniquely refreshing session ale.

Good Old Boy, 4.0% abv

Rich malts and fruity hops combine to produce an exceptionally well-balanced and full-flavoured beer of real character.

Dr Hexter's Healer, 5.0% abv

Dr Hexter's Healer is a full-flavoured, strong bitter is packed with character.  Amber in colour and highly-hopped, this full-bodied, strong bitter is full of marmalade zestiness.

Tamesis Extra Stout, 4.9% abv

Traditionally brewed with dark malts and oats to give a thick, smooth body and chocolate flavour with Fuggles and Goldings hops for flavour and bitterness.  Tamesis is a full-bodied characterful stout.

Blackguard porter, 4.5% abv

Rich and chocolatey with a hint of liquorice

Isis Pilsner, 4.9% abv

Isis Pilsner is based upon a traditional Bavarian lager.  A hay-coloured beer brewed using English lager malts and Continental hops to give a crisp flavour and woody bitterness.

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