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Tring, Hertfordshire

The Tring Brewery Company was founded in 1992 and after a ‘brewing drought’ of over fifty years it once again brought the traditional art of brewing back to the picturesque West Hertfordshire market town of Tring.


The Tring Brewery Company has enjoyed increasing success over the past years through it’s reputation for high and consistent product quality forged through a commitment to the art of traditional brewing with only the finest ingredients. A number of awards, both local and national have been achieved.


Tring Brewery’s ales are prepared by the traditional method, using malted barley, hops, water and yeast.  The finest ingredients, most of which are home grown, include hops from Kent and Worcestershire.  This, in conjunction with Tring’s ideal hard water, provides the perfect formula for classic ales.

Side Pocket for a Toad, 3.6% abv

Unmistakable citrus notes from only the best Cascade hops balanced with a floral aroma and crisp dry finish make this straw coloured ale a fantastic session beer.

Mansion Mild, 3.7% abv

A smooth, creamy, ruby dark mild with a fruity pallate and gentle late hop aroma.

Moongazing, 4.3% abv

All American hopped.  This amber/ruby hued ale has a well rounded bitterness with grapefruit, mango and peach hop characteristics imparted by Chinook and Citra.

Colley's Dog, 5.2% abv

Dark ruby in colour but not over rich.  Strong yet very drinkable, this premium ale has a long dry finish with overtones of malt and walnuts. 

Death or Glory, 3.7% abv

A Dark, aromatic and estery strong ale brewed using the finest Maris Otter malt and premium aroma hops.

Brock Bitter, 3.7% abv

A light brown quaffing ale with a hint of sweetness and caramel on the palate. Challenger hops impart a gentle bitterness, which is matched by a late hop aroma from Styrian Goldings.

Blonde, 4.0% abv

Brewed using extra pale malt, this highly refreshing sunshine blonde beer has a wonderfully fruity palate which is balanced by a lingering late hop aroma.

Tea Kettle Stout, 4.7% abv

Plenty of roasted malts and rolled oats produce a rich and complex traditional stout with hints of liquorice.  The bitter malty flavours are enhanced by a moderate bitterness and a rounded late hop aroma is provide by East Kent Goldings.

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