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Tonbridge, Kent

The Tonbridge Brewery is a small, independent brewery based in the historic heart of kent's hop growing area, dedicated to producing distinctive tasting and aromatic real ales, using only the finest malted barley and predominently Kent grown hops. 

Blonde Ambition, 4.2% abv

Crisp, clean tasting blonde beer with a refreshing bitterness to quench a thirst any time of the year.  Fully flavoured with a combination of spicy and citrus notes from generous amounts of Kent grown "Challenger" and "First Gold" hops.  This beer packs a real punch and is very hoppy, maybe not for those that like their Ale on the milder side.

Ebony Moon, 4.2% abv

A Porter with a pronounced maltiness balanced with a mild bitterness, giving a satisfying, quaffable and refreshing Ale.  The rich flavour is enhanced by a combination of Kent grown "Brambling Cross" and "Golding" hops that combine light citrus with blackcurrent notes.

Coppernob, 3.8% abv

Fairly dry Ale with a light maltiness and medium bitterness.  Robust, fruity flavour provided by a combination of Kent grown "Golding" and "Challenger" hops, plus some "Fuggles" hops grown in the Alsace region.

Rustic, 4.0% abv

A Deep Bronze, Rich tasting "Country Ale".  Lightly hopped with the scarce, Kent grown "Epic" variety giving a delicate spicy taste and aroma.  A few "Fuggles" hops from the Alsace region round off the flavour rather nicely.

Golden Braun, 3.2% abv

Based on Traditional Ale (Alt Bier) recipies from the Rhine region.  These Beers were being produced in Germany before Lager was discovered.  This is a refreshing Ale with a satisfying malty flavour balanced with a light fruitiness provided by "Spalter Select" hops.

Capel Pale, 4.5% abv

Intense flavour, Zesty pale Ale with a pronounced grapefruit and background honey notes.

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