5 top beers to watch out for this summer!

Whakatu - Golden Ale

Whakatu, 3.7% abv (Everards)

Whakatu (pronounced fak-a-too) which derives from the Maori name for “Nelson”, brings you the true tastes of New Zealand. Brewed with a fusion of Nelson Sauvin and Challenger hops, Whakatu is a light golden ale which has a crisp, dry bitter taste with hints of gooseberry and kiwi.   Give this delightful zest of crispy fruit flavours a try and you will be refreshed!


For more details see www.everards.co.uk


Shepherd Neame Goldings

Goldings, 4.1% abv (Shepherd Neame)

Goldings, available from June until September, contains only the finest aromatic hops blended with chalk-filtered mineral water from an artesian well deep below the brewery and 95% of the hops used in the cask ales are grown within Kent.  ‘This dainty, well-defined dark-blonde ale blends citrusy hops with the nutty, wholemeal character of a crystal and pale malt.  Ripe fruit, a hint of banana and mango creates a tangy fresh finish.’



For more details visit: www.shepherdneame.co.uk

Smooth Hoperator - Calvors

Smooth Hoperator, 4.0% abv (The Calvors Brewery)

SMOOTH HOPERATOR is a new, easy-drinking 4.0% pale ale.  It is brewed with four different East Anglian malts, using mainly Pale ale malt.  The malts give a lovely rich golden colour and background sweetness.  Calvors, the Suffolk larger brewer, decided to use all English Hops to demonstrate their loyalty to ‘home-grown’.  They have added four additions of hops to give it a great hoppy bitterness and aroma.  It is brewed using a top fermenting yeast, enabling the flavour profile of a pale ale to be carried through properly.  ‘THE CALVORS WAY’ consistent with the rest of their brews uses no sugar, rice or maize as cheap forms of sugar.  They do not pasteurise the beers or add chemical preservatives.  Whole hops are used, to create natural tasting beers.



For more details visit www.calvors.co.uk

Arkell's Brewery - Brazilian

Brazilian, 3.6% abv (Arkell's)

Golden Oats and Maris Otter malt give this beer a golden pale colour and light malty flavour.  Citrus and some blackcurrant aroma’s come through from the later hop additions. This unusual experience should be out in June.




For more details visit www.arkells.com

Summer Daze - Red Squirrel Brewery

Summer Daze, 4.5% abv (Red Squirrel Brewery Company)

The Hertfordshire Squirrel has produced an equisitely golden light ale with biscuit and malty flavours consistent with a German brew.  This refreshing summer newcomer will be around until September.  Red Squirrel’s very own bore-hole may well be the secret to discovering the subtleties of all their brews.



For more details visit www.redsquirrelbrewery.co.uk