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Finchampstead, Berkshire

Siren Craft Brew are located in Finchampstead, Berkshire and believe that to make the finest beers it makes sense to use the best ingredients possible.


Siren Craft Brew believe all beer drinkers should be able to enjoy craft beer as wine drinkers enjoy the finest wines.


As well as the beers shown below, Siren Craft Brew also produce seasonal and special release beers.

Undercurrent, 4.5% abv

A 4.5% pale ale with spicy, grassy aromas and a taste of grapefruit and apricot.

Soundwave, 5.6% abv

A 5.6% west coast IPA: golden, immensely hoppy and alive with grapefruit, peach and mango flavours.  Soundwave is the driest of Siren’s ales – full with flavour but subtle with bitterness.

Liquid Mistress, 5.8% abv

A 5.8% west coast red IPA: burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus.

Broken Dream, 6.0% abv

A 6% breakfast stout with a gentle touch of smoke, coffee and chocolate.

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