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Sutton-by-Dover, Kent

Located on a farm in Kent, at the heart of England’s hop growing country, Ripple Steam Brewery launched its first brew in 2011.


The Ripple Steam Brewery brews its beer to ensure the least ‘bruising’ during the process, 'grist' mills our own malt, and is keen on environmentally-friendly brewing.  Using only the finest Kent hops and freshest ingredients, they draw out an unsurpassed, sublime flavour, which has earned us numerous awards and accolades.

Original Best Bitter, 4.1% abv

By using only the finest Kent hops and freshest ingredients,  creates an unsurpassed, sublime flavour in our our artisan, hand-crafted beer.


This Original Best Bitter is crafted with a grist of Maris Otter and Crystal Malts, balanced with Celeia and East Kent Goldings Hops to give a rich, traditional, fruit-flavoured ale.


This beer packs a powerful punch with a lingering, moorish flavour that is subtle and seductive, an infusion of malt and apricot flavours. 


The Award-Winning Original Best Bitter won over the judges at the 2013 Kent Beer Festival for its freshness and flavour. .

Classic IPA, 4.5% abv

This Classic IPA has been lovingly made, the recipe honed after many attempts to create the perfect Indian Pale Ale.  Crafted with a grist of Maris Otter Pale Ale and a hint of Crystal malts, the balance of East Kent Goldings, First Gold Whole Leaf hops, and Cascade hops gives this golden, full-bodied beer a refreshing citrus flavour.


Full-bodied beer that mellows to a savoury sweetness with a hint of grapefruit. 

Black IPA, 5.8% abv

This Black IPA is a complex, hybrid beer, unique in flavour and unsurpassed in taste, borrowing its structure from an adaptation of an American recipe.   A balanced blend of smoked Munich,  chocolate and pale ale malts, gives this ale a smooth chocolate body, with wonderfully dry bitter end notes.  The addition of First Gold Whole Leaf hops gives this full-bodied, balanced ale an unexpected twist and exciting flavour. 


If you're looking for something a little different, this Black IPA is clearly one to savour, starting with a hint of creamy, fresh chocolate flavour which lingers to a bitter end.

Green Hopped IPA, 4.5% abv

The Green Hopped IPA is a classic example of how great Kent Hops can be.  Using Traditional floor Malts of Maris Otter and Crystal Barley the  brewery have added fresh East Kent Goldings from H M Blatt of Buckham Green Farm in Smarden together with Fuggles from Josh Berry, Gushmere Court Farm, Selling.  These locally harvested hops are added to our brew within 4 hours of harvesting, to give both freshness and true Kent Hop flavour to our Green Hopped IPA. 


If you're looking for a locally brewed beer made from the freshest Kent Hops, this ale is the ultimate in capturing the very spirit of this season’s harvest.

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