Extreme Sailing Series


Beer-Searcher's Scott Lloyd travels south to report on:


Act 5, Extreme Sailing Series - Cardiff Bay 22nd - 25th August 2014: To track down some Welsh Beer, Welsh Breweries and the Harbour Festival...

August Bank Holiday, is fast approaching, and features the award-winning, adrenaline fuelled, Extreme Sailing Series. This is Act 5, the midway stage of the competition and returns to Cardiff as part of the well established Cardiff Harbour Festival.


Scott along with thousands of others will watch high performance elite sailing teams from across the World, battle it out in the Bay just metres from the harbour wall. This is hand trembling stuff, possibly only made the easier by clutching a pint of the finest Welsh craft ale.


Sir Ben Aislie, heading up the British Team, JP Morgan BAR Racing, is more likely to be clutching the rudder or the mainsail. (We hope!)


This fleet of 11 Extreme Catamarans are preparing to flex their giant sails: a width of four parked London buses; a rotating mast of 62ft; a weight of a mini cooper with a top speed of 35mph! Land Rover is presenting, OC Sport the organiser. Beer-Searcher will keep you up to date on BAR Racing over the next few days.


On land, there is the Cardiff Bay Beach, the continental markets, live music, family entertainment and inevitably a great welsh pint.


Between races and the on-shore entertainment we will make excursions to Breweries both in Cardiff itself, and a little further along the coast..A feast of yeast and yachting awaits..


Thursday 21 August

13.00-16.00 Official practice racing

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Isle of Wight - Cowes Week
Isle of Wight - Cowes Week

COWES - The Home of World Yachting


Beer-Searcher's Scott Lloyd travels south to report on:


The Aberdeen Asset Management COWES WEEK... 2nd -9th August 2014 To find a heady mix of Beer, Boats and Bottle-screws....

Cowes Week carries a huge responsibility, especially for the organiser and sponsors.  There is however, fun to be had, breweries to visit and beers to be sampled.  We bid farewell to Glasgow and head south, where the delights of Southampton, Portsmouth, New Forest and Lymington provide a rich vein of contrasting ales, brewed by the likes of Ringwood, Vibrant Forest, Oakleaf, Dancing Man and of course, Goddards, Yates and Island Ales on the Wight herself.


Nothing comes close to organising 800-1000 boats in up to forty different handicap, one-design and multihull classes, that race every day for eight days - and 8,000 thirsty competitors! 


Beer-Searcher wishes all competitors the best of luck and the best of weather... It was Don Bamford who once said "Only two sailors in my experience, never ran aground.  One never left port and the other was an atrocious liar."


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Beer-Searcher's Blues Brews at the - Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2014.







'Beer-Searcher's 'Baton charge' to Scotland is underway - Scott Lloyd reveals some of Scotland's finest Breweries - their history and their ales along the final stages of the Queen's Baton Relay'.