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North Walsam, Norfolk

The Ole Slew Foot Brewing Company focus on Traditional Cask Ale and Bottle Conditioning. Different yeasts are used for different ale flavour profiles and also for bottle conditioning.  They have created ales of outstanding flavour and colour for all real ale lovers.  All the Ales are made using the finest East Anglian Malting Barley .


See below for the award-winning beers and tasting notes for the beers brewed by The Ole Slew Foot Brewing Company:

Little Bear, 3.5% abv

Little Bear is a traditional copper coloured bitter.

Tommy Knocker, 4.2% abv

Tommy Knocker is a traditional dry Irish Stout.

Cabarrus Gold, 3.6% abv

Cabarrus  Gold has a good body considering the low ABV.  It has Sterling and Apollo Hops added for aroma at the end of the boil.   

Citraville, 3.9% abv

Citraville is brewed with pale and aromatic malts,and as it implies by its name it has been loaded with citra hops for a peach and tropical fruit aroma.

January 8th Pale Ale, 4.2% abv

This is a pale amber beer with an aroma of honey and with bubbles of ginger and a range of subtle spices. 

Orange Blossom Special Ale, 4.4% abv

When you first raise a glass of this beautifully clear light beer to your mouth you get a fruit filled aroma which temps your palate and on the first sip you will experience an initial citrus hit which then bursts into a full mouthful of flavours.   Honey comes through and then in contrast the sharp bitterness of orange. 

Fox on the Run Dark Bitter, 4.8% abv

Thick deep caramel flavours with a hint of chocolaty malt followed by a nutty bitterness are just some of the tastes of this traditional beer.  A strong deep filling mouthful, although in what seems to be a contradiction, it's not a heavy beer and is vey drinkable.

Devil's Dream ESB Ale, 5.0% abv

Devil's Dream ESB is a rich golden liquid brewed & infused with the flavours of the Cascade Hop.  A full flavoured beer this with a smoothness of flavours that will include hints of lemons & limes, toffee apple even honey after the initial malty taste dissipates.

EBA India Pale, 5.3% abv

EBA IPA is a traditional india pale ale but again using a combo of west coast us hops at the end of the boiling for maximum aroma.

Ole Slew Foot's Premier Beer "Friend of the Devil", 7.7% abv

A beautiful amber coloured liquid this is our finest beer and is a serious alternative to wine.


Rich in the flavours of pears & apples it has analmost champagne like texture with a tight bubbly fizz, unlike most ales.  After what will be a delightful first taste surprise the second mouthful will confirm the richness of this beer with flavours hinting at brandy & calvados.

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