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Stokesby, Norfolk

The Norfolk Square Brewery started brewing in 2008 and are located in Stokesby, Norfolk .  The brewery produce a range of "English Ales" and "Maverick Beers".


See below for the range of regular beers brewed by The Norfolk Square Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer.

Scroby, 4.2% abv

A refreshing pale ale with a delicious hoppy aroma. Brewed with a combination of hops that impart both a floral and spicy aroma, added to a combination of two malts keeping this ale simple and refreshing.

Sunshiny, 4.5% abv

A refreshing golden ale with a honey twist. Brewed with the finest local malts giving the ale a rich full bodied smooth flavour. It is a single hop brew using a fragrant and flowery aroma hop, with a citrus character.

B52, 4.8% abv

B52 is a creamy russet coloured best bitter. Smooth on the palate with a light hoppy aroma. The ale is brewed with a single hop that imparts a delicious blackcurrant undertone.

Winklepicker, 5.0% abv

Brewed with a combination of darker malts, Winklepicker is a delicious traditional porter.  A slight roasted flavour is imparted from the chocolate and crystal malts giving the ale a lovely cocoa aroma that will excite the taste buds.  An old English Porter hop is used that rounds the ale off with a light bitter after taste.

Yule Ale, 6.0% abv

An infusion of cloves, oranges, ginger, cinnamon, molasses, hops, malted barley and wheat, combined just right to create a delicious seasonal celebration ale.

Twisted Porter, 7.0% abv

Dark rich with serious cocoa and coffee flavours and a hint of chilli.

Bisquit, 7.0% abv

A blend of almonds and ginger laced with honey on an oat base.

Lunatik, 7.0% abv

A combination of 4 hops, infused into a caramelised malt base, creates this sweet and hoppy beer.   The yeast used also imparts a distinct Belgian flavour and aroma.

Crazy Horse American IPA, 8.0% abv

On taking a sip of Crazy Horse the taste buds will experience a smooth sweet caramelised alcoholic flavour with a hint of bitterness. Combined to this rich flavour will be a notable tangerine, hoppy aroma.  An American yeast is used to allow the true malt flavours and hop aromas to permeate the palate.

Blackwood Stout, 5.0% abv

A traditional black stout made with Maris Otter and roasted malts. Smooth and smoky with burnt toast dryness and a hint of coffee.

Black Widow, 9.0% abv

Imperial Stout aged in medium roast oak that was steeped in vintage Port.  It is a full bodied, alcoholic beer with loads of coffee, cocoa and subtle port notes.  A Belgian style yeast is used to produce a sweet yet spicy background.

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