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The Nailsworth Brewery is located in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire and starting brewing award-winning beers in 2006.  The brewery is part of the Village Inn Pub in the heart of Nailsworth (One of the top 12 pubs in the UK - Real Ale Pub Guide 2009).  


The Nailsworth Brewery produce their beers using Nailsworth spring water and only the finest malt, hops and yeast available.  Their range of beers they produce are never bland or "middle of the road" - they only make award-winning full-flavoured beer.


See below for a range of award-winning beers brewed by Nailsworth Brewery:

Alestock, 3.6% abv

The Artist's Ale, 3.9% abv

The Mayor's Bitter, 4.2% abv

Old Rocky, 4.4% abv

The Town Crier, 4.7% abv

The Dudbridge Donkey, 3.6% abv

The Vicar's Stout, 4.4% abv

Funny Bones, 4.4% abv

Winter Woolly, 4.9% abv

For more information on the brewery and their range of beers visit the Nailsworth Breweries Website

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