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Maidstone, Kent

Musket Brewery is a microbrewery based at Loddington Farm, Linton in the heart of the Kent countryside.  Musket Brewery started production in October 2013 producing fantasic Real Ales using only the finest malts and hops.

Flintlock, 4.2% abv

A stunning best bitter which evokes a taste of an old English woodland, with shafts of dappled sunlight striking through green cedar trees.  Flintlock will ignite your tastebuds with its spicy orange undertones and just a hint of marmalade.

Fife and Drum, 3.8% abv

A Golden Ale which produces tantalising tastes and aromas of spice, honey, marmalade, floral and the merest hint of wild blackcurrant growing in the hedgerows of Kent. 

Muzzleloader, 5.0% abv

The faint spicy aroma of orange drifts from your beer as well-seasoned smoking cedar logs crackle marrily from a blazing open fire.  It's cold and miserable outside, but warm and cosy, you settle down to enjoy the perfect pint.

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