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Dartford, Kent

The Millis Brewery located in Dartford, Kent  Combining their own live ale yeast  with English grown hops gives their beers a distinctive clean, hoppy and balanced finish.


Traditionally they have been suppliers exclusively to the Pub and Club trade, but due to ever increasing demand, they now supply the general public directly through our brewery off sale.

Gravesend Guzzler, 3.7% abv

Originally, the Gravesend Guzzler was brewed as a light mild and was a real family favourite. In recent times we have increased the gravity to 3.7% and upped the hop rate which now makes her more of a golden ale. Guzzler is a refreshing session pint with an excellant dry hop appeal.

Kentish Best, 4.0% abv

Kentish Best was created to satisfy a demand from the licensed trade for a mid-strength bitter at an affordable price.  Kentish Best is copper coloured, well balanced, and with a distinctive clean taste one of their best sellers.

Kentish Red, 4.3% abv

Kentish Red has now become an occasional beer. Rich crystal malts and roast barley combine to give this beer its full bodied taste and flavour.

Dartford Wobbler, 4.3% abv

The Dartford Wobbler has been their flagship premium bitter from the very first day that it was brewed.  The Dartford Wobbler is their best seller into the licensed trade and now a permanent feature in their off sale.  The Dartford Wobbler is a tawny coloured, full bodied bitter with a dark roasted malt finish.

Kentish Gold, 4.6% abv

Kentish Gold is a Golden Ale with a full chewy malt flavour and balanced with strong fruity English hops.  The finish is clean, long and dry.

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