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The Milk Street Brewery is located in Frome, Somerset ans was founded in 1999.  

Milk Street Brewery was voted “Best Drink Producer” in the Taste of Somerset Awards 2011 and have won many awards including SIBA Gold and SIBA National Silver awards.


See below for a range of award-winning beers brewed by the Milk Street Brewery, information and a description for each beer:

Folklore, 3.9% abv

Folklore, brewed by Milk Street Brewery is a Dark Ruby Red beer, brewed with crystal wheat, with flavours of caramel and dry biscuit.

Funky Monkey, 4.0% abv

Award-winning Funky Monkey, brewed by Milk Street Brewery is a copper-coloured beer that is fruity and full of flavour.

The Usual, 4.4% abv

The Usual, brewed by Milk Street Brewery is an amber coloured smooth ale.

Beer, 5.0% abv

Beer, brewed by Milk Street Brewery is a bitter sweet blonde beer.

Zig Zag, 4.5% abv

Award-winning "Zig Zag" brewed by Milk Street Brewery is a dark, chocolately stout.

Elderfizz, 5.0% abv


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