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Hertford, Hertfordshire

McMullans & Sons are located in Hertford, Hertfordshire and brew a wide variety of Ales.

McMullen Cask Ale, 3.8% abv

McMullen Cask Ale is brewed with Styrian Goldings and English Fuggle hops to achieve a refreshingly well-balanced combination. The subtle biscuity flavour comes from pale ale and amber malts.  Mixed with the citrus flavours of these hops, this creates a light and refreshing ale.

McMullen Country Bitter, 4.3% abv

McMullen Country Bitter is acomplex ale and brewed with Brambling Cross and English Fuggle hops.  The addition of crystal malt to the pale ale malt creates a light colour and adds a nutty taste.

McMullen AK, 3.7% abv

McMullen AK is one of the longest established ales in the UK, the quality of AK comes from 180 years of brewing experience at The Whole Hop Brewery. 


The award-winning bitter uses a carefully balanced mixture of pale ale and chocolate malts to give a soft malty taste, while WGV hops give a light fragrant aroma and clean finish.  A popular and refreshing easy-drinking bitter.

McMullen Hertford Castle, 5.0% abv

A fine brew from McMullen at The Whole Hop Brewery, combining natural whole leaf arome hops, best Suffolk malted barley and McMullen's own pure spring water.  Late hopping adds a subtlety to the traditional recipe, creating a truly distinctive taste for the ale connoisseur.

McMullen Stronghart Bitter, 7.0% abv

McMullen Stronghart Bitter is specially brewed from the finest malted East Anglian barley and whole leaf English hops.  CAMRA chose McMullen Stronghart as their first 'Best Festive Ale' award, describing it as "Liquid Christmas pudding.  A beer that is rich, dark and exceptionally smooth, demonstrating the very special skills of Hertfordshire's Independent Family Brewers".

McMullen IPA, 4.8% abv

McMullen IPA is a full-bodied beer that all cask ale connoisseurs will recognise as a "classic". they use specially kilned amber malt to give it its deep rich flavours. 

Bard of Ale, -% abv

Bard of Ale is a well balanced amber bitter brewed with the finest East Anglian malted barley, and a careful addition of Crystal malt to give it the amber colour with whole flower Fuggle hops to give a floral aroma with delicate fruit notes.

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