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The Malvern Hills Brewery is located in Malvern, Worcestershire and have been brewing the finest and distinctive award-winning beers since 2012.


Currently, the Malvern Hills Brewery produce a range of five regular and four seasonal award-winning beers, including - Black Pear, Santler, Feelgood, Swedish Nightingale, Priessnitz Plzen Lager, Dr Gully's Winter Ale (seasonal beer), Dr Gully's IPA (seasonal beer), Red Earl Real Ale (seasonal beer) and Green Pear Real Ale (seasonal beer).

Black Pear Real Ale (Premium Golden Ale), 4.4% abv

Santler (Bitter), 3.6% abv

Feelgood (Bitter), 3.8% abv

Swedish Nightingale Real Ale, 4.0% abv

Priessnitz Plzen (Lager), 4.3% abv

Dr Gully's Winter Ale (seasonal), 5.2% abv

Dr Gully's IPA (Seasonal), 5.2% abv

Red Earl Real Ale (Seasonal), 3.7% abv

Green Pear Real Ale (Seasonal - green hop bitter), 4.4% abv

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