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Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire

Lord Conrad's Brewery is located in Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire and commenced brewing in 2011.


See below for the range of regular beers brewed by Lord Conrad's Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer.

Stubble Burner, 5.0% abv

This Brew embraces the end of the haverst and has a strong strawy nose.  UK assured malted pale barley and wheat goes in to this brew along with styrian bobek and target hops.

Slap N' Tickle, 4.3% abv

A light ale brewed with a single hop in two stages to give a lasting finish.

Hedgerow Hop, 3.7% abv

A Light amber beer with a Kick of bitterness. Brewed with wild local hops from Swavesey, UK assured malted pale barley and wheat goes in to this brew along with our hand picked wild hops.  Bitter dry and quite hoppy, the flavours change each year due to the weathering of the crop.

Stoat Warbler, 3.4% abv

This complex four hop four grain session beer features Hops from USA, UK, and Europe.

Tubbins, 4.0% abv

A medley of flavours including a hint of spice.  UK assured malted Maris otter barley goes in to this brew along with a triple hop and spice combination.

Pheasants Rise, 5.0% abv

With beechwood smoked malts and the thrice hopped finish will ruffle your feathers! UK assured malted barley and wheat goes in to this brew along with hops at three different stages.

Half Punter, 4.5% abv

A classic smooth bitter start finished with a delicate citrus hint.

Muddy Duck, 3.9% abv

A dark rich ale loaded with English hops and a rich muddy colour makes way for a bitter finish.

Lickety Split, 3.8% abv

A malty brown session ale - light and not overly hoppy, burnt caramel and buttery notes.  UK assured malted roasted barley and Crystal malt.

Zulu Dawn, 3.5% abv

The beers deep black colour and reddish-bronze highlights break to reveal resiny bitterness and a mild citrus feel.

Congerwood, 4.0% abv

Made with Beechwood, Crystal, Chocolate, and Black malts, big hits of vanillia and liquorice.  UK assured malted barley roasted to four different levels and a big hit of our special triple hop combination.

Zulu, 4.5% abv

An exotic black beer made using hibiscus flowers, burnt coffee and tobacco flavours combine to make this a truly exotic experience.  UK assured malted barley roasted until black giving this a beatuiful colour.

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