What is Beer Searcher? (for breweries)


Beer Searcher is a unique website that allows not only real ale and beer enthusiasts, but anyone that has an interest in beer to discover UK breweries and their range of beer (targeting younger people).  Through our powerful beer search engine, users can search for beers by name and see details on the beer and also the brewery that produces the beer, we also offer a search that allows all breweries to be found by county or region.  Once located, the brewery page will then show details on the brewery and their range of beers produced.  If the page is a premium listing, then full details can be viewed about the brewery including :



Logos/photo gallery


Facitities - including: Shop/online/tours/where to buy

Full beer list (seasonal/regular) with tasting notes and the option of adding a link to where to buy

news/update section


opening up to a wider / younger audience

engaging content



list of shops and online shops

website pulls everything together that - news/search/articles/features/social media - engaging content/repeat visitors


driving awareness of breweries and their beer, promoting tours and their online shop / facitities etc.

simply search and design/mobile friendly design



Pricing - Rate Card