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The High House Farm Brewery is located in Matfen, Northumberland and was established in 2003.


The High House Farm Brewery currently brew the following beers - Auld Hemp, Matfen Magic, Nel's Best, Black Moss, Cyril the magnificant, Farmer's pride, Ferocious Fred, Lily Brewster, Nettle Ale, Red Shep, Sundancer, Scott's Forest, Top Tup and Pullet Please, see below for further details on these beers:

Auld Hemp (bitter), 3.8% abv

Matfen Magic (Brown Ale), 4.8% abv

Nel's Best (Golden Bitter), 4.2% abv

Black Moss (Porter), 4.3% abv

Cyril the Magnificant (Wheat Beer), 5.5% abv

Farmer's Pride (Golden Ale), 4.2% abv

Ferocious Fred (Porter), 4.8% abv

Lily Brewster (Wheat Beer), 4.5% abv

Nettle Ale (-), 4.5% abv

Red Shep (Best Bitter), 4.0% abv

Sundancer (Golden Ale), 3.6% abv

Scotty's Forst (-), 5.0% abv

Top Tup (Amber Beer), 4.5% abv

Pullet Please (Golden Ale), 3.7% abv

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