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Harwich, Essex

Established in 2007, the Harwich Town Brewing Company are reviving a centuries-old tradition of brewing in Harwich which died out in 1876.


Using the world's finest malting barley from East Anglia, and hops from around the world, they produce a range of beers that combine both traditional and modern brewing styles.  All their beers contain nothing but natural ingredients, and where possible, are sourced locally.

Bathside Battery Bitter, 4.2% abv

A Golden Ale, heavily hopped to give satisfying bitterness levels, the floral and grapefruit aroma are dues to the oodles of Cascade hops added at the end of the boil.

Phoenix APA, 5.0% abv

Lingering malt sweetness is balanced with smooth bitterness throughout.  Barley sugar notes and an unmistakable Cascade nose.

Ganges, 4.0% abv

A rounded, well-balanced amber beer with malt notes to accompany the orangey hops.  A good old-fashioned drinking bitter with a modern twist.

EPA 100, 3.8% abv

This beer is a classic pale, hoppy premium ale – full of character but with a smooth finish.

Parkeston Porter, 4.5% abv

More heavily hopped robust porter in the new-world style.  Influenced by US brewers, this porter combines the noble hops of Middle Europe with the best of US hops to create a smooth beer.

Redoubt Stout, 4.2% abv

Rich, dark and silky smooth, this jet-black beer with a tan-coloured head.

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