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Bexhill, East Sussex

The White Brewing Company first brewed in 1995 in a farm building in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.  The White Brewing Company strive for a quality product and are proud of their beers, both casks and bottles.  They only use the freshest and finest ingredients available to produce an outstanding range of beers.

1066 Country Bitter, 4.0% abv

Heart of Rother, 4.5% abv

Blonde, 4.0% abv

White Gold, 4.9% abv

Chilly Willy, 5.1% abv

Grumpy Guvnor, 4.5% abv

White's Dark, 4.0% abv

White Christmas Ale, 4.0% abv

Brighton Rocks, 4.0% abv

Weissbier, 4.0% abv

Maiden Bexhill Ale 4.5% abv

Bottle of Hastings, 4.5% abv

Christmas Cracker, 4.6% abv

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