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Frodsham, Cheshire

The award-winning Frodsham Brewery is a small craft brewery, and is located in Frodsham, Cheshire and has been producing high quality beer since 2005.  the actual brewery is situated at Lady Heyes Craft Centre, Frodsham.  All beers are handmade and are are brewed, casked and bottled on site, they are also made with only natural ingredients.


See below for the names of beers brewed by the Frodsham Brewery:

1st Lite, 3.8% abv

Aonach, 4.9% abv

Blush, 5.0% abv

Buzzin', 4.3% abv

Danny, 4.0% abv

Dark Ark, 4.0% abv

Devil's Garden, 3.9% abv

Flaxen Jade, 3.7% abv

Froda's Ale, 4.2% abv

Frodsham 800, 4.7% abv

Frodsham Gold, 4.1% abv

Iron Man, 4.5% abv

Lammastide, 5.0% abv

Maiden's Cross, 3.8% abv

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