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Alresford, Hampshire

The Flowerpots Brewery is based in Alresford, Hampshire and have been brewing since 2006. 


See below for the range of  award-winning beers brewed by the Flowerpots Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer:


Flowerpots Bitter, 3.8% abv

A dry, hoppy traditional bitter with a light bronze colour.  Excellent on its own and particularly good with food.

Goodens Gold, 4.8% abv

A classic beer in the modern 'Golden Ale' style, with a superb gold colour and fullness in the mouth, which come from a subtle mixture of lightly caramelised malts.   Packed full of powerful but fruity North American hops giving a good level of bitterness to perfectly balance the gravity.

Perridge Pale, 3.6% abv

A light straw colour with a subtle twist of citrus hop.  A very refreshing beer with a perfect clean finish.

Ruddy Darter, 4.6% abv (bottled 4.9% abv)

“Rich ruby ale with a fruity aroma”


This ale is named after a deep red dragon fly found in local rivers and wetlands. The beer, the newest to the Andwell’s range, uses malted rye to create its characteristic ruby glow.  The flavours and aromas derive from a combination of English hops.

Flowerpots IPA, 6.0% abv

Brewed with powerful North American Simcoe hops to give a strong fruity hop flavour which balances the weight of malt in a traditional 6% IPA - very full and rounded in the mouth.

Bate's Best Bitter, 4.2% abv

Complex depth of flavour with smooth notes of Seville marmalade and a deep fruit backing.

Hopton Pale, 4.3% abv

A modern style light IPA, with a real mouthful of fruity North American hops, a lingering bitter finish, and a superb gold/amber colour.

Light Duty, 2.9% abv

A light standard bitter with just enough hop and malt to pass as a regular session beer.   It is a major revision of the original "Two Point Nine" serving as a benchmark for future production of a true 2.8% ABV beer.

Stottidge Stout, 4.5% abv

A traditional stout with not too much bitterness or hop character, allowing the roasted barley flavour to come through.

Cheriton Porter, 4.2% abv

Dark brown/black with a creamy coffee aroma, a hint of sweetness in the mouth along with roasted chocolate maltiness, and a dry finish.


Job Done, 5.3% abv

Rich malty flavours coming from Munich and Chocolate malt, with low bittering and gentle hopping using Crystal from the USA.  Full and very smooth in the mouth.

Whistle Blower, 5.2% abv

Designed and brewed by brewster Julie Jones.  A dark amber with smooth sweet maltiness, medium hopping and moderate bitterness.   Made with pure Munich and Vienna malt from Weyermann of Bamberg and noble New Zealand hops.

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