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Felsted, Essex

The Felstar Brewery is located in Felsted, Essex and is dedicated to brew a large variety of Ales and also is endeavoring to re-invent the “Real Lager” just as CAMRA did with Real Ales.

Felstar, 3.6% abv

Felstar is a Golden Brown Bitter.  Full body and an excellent balance of malt and hops.  The generous blend of the best English full cone hops gives it the satisfyingly long finish.

Shalford, 4.0% abv

Shalford is a Traditional prize-winning Bitter with full body and a strong character.  Brewed with best Maris Otter malted barley and three different hops.

Hoppy Hen, 5.0% abv

Hoppy Hen is a Premium Old Ale.  Full and rich with flavours, in the style of the best Belgian classics, spicy yet malty, wicked hopped with American hops.

Dancin' Hen, 6.0% abv

Dancin' Hen is brewed with a 'double decoction' system where the wort is heated in the cooper and sparged again in the mash.  A long and slow process to extract all the sugar and goodness from the best malt.

Peckin' Order, 5.0% abv

Peckin' Order is a Golden Real Lager.  Cold fermented for 3 months, no added flavourings or gas, full of natural taste and yet strong and easy drinking. 

Crix Forest, 4.0% abv

Cris Forest is a Dark Mild.   Subtle undertones of fresh raspberries shows among the gentle toastness a characteristic aroma of Goldings to leave a long and satisfying finish.

Good Knight, 5.0% abv

Good Knight is an easy drinking Porter, slightly smoky and spicy tones.  The cascade hops compliment very well the darker malts.  Brewed with wheat and Maris Otter malted barley.

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