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Small Dole, West Sussex

In 2011 Geoff and widdi sat down and discussed the idea of starting up their own brewery. The initial plan to brew house beers for the Shepherd & Dog pub in Fulking under the brand SouthDownsBrewery quickly ballooned into something much larger as they realised how popular the brews were.


Rather than wait until they could source their own equipment SouthDowns Brewery rented spare capacity at Kent Brewery and used the facilities there to brew their first three beers - Ruskin’s Ram, Devils Dyke and Truleigh Gold.


In August 2012, almost exactly a year since their first beer reached market, SouthDowns Brewery finally had a physical brewery in which they could make their beers.  With the evolution from cuckoobrewers to brewery owners they felt that it was appropriate for the brewery name to evolve too.  On 29th September 2012 Downlands Brewery was launched.

Truleigh Gold, 3.7% abv

The complex flavours and aromas in Truleigh Gold come from just twohop varieties, Goldings and First Gold.  We have skillfully layered theircharacteristics in the copper to enhance your enjoyment of this beer.  The refreshing bitterness is complimented by a gentle sweetness imparted from the hops and subtle citrus, orange and apricot flavours that are intertwined with a delicate spiciness.

Truleigh Gold Extra, 3.7% abv

The popular Truleigh Gold but a few casks have been dry hopped with a generous helping of hops to further enhance and increase thae aromas and flavours of summer available when it reaches the glass.


Rushkin's Ram, 4.0% abv

Originally brewed using spring water from the the Fulking Spring, Ruskin’s Ram is a traditional English Ale with a sharp, clean malty taste, complemented by a subtle aroma with hints of vanilla and elderflower.

Devils Dyke Honey Porter, 5.0% abv

Hints of local honey complement the chocolate, smokey and marmalade flavours that have made the regular brew so popular.

Three Rings, 5.2% abv

Three Rings has been created to celebrate the passing of Summer into Autumn.  This beer a reminder of the colour of the July sun and the flavours of the August fruit harvest as the days grow shorter and the nights draw in. 

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