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The award-winning Digfield Brewery is located Barnwell, Northamptonshire and have been producing fine quality ales since 2005.  


Currently, the Digfield Brewery make a range of six high-quality real ales, their range include - Fool's Nook, Barnwell Bitter, March Hare, Shacklebush, IPA and Mad Monk, for further details on these beers, see below:

Fool's Nook (Golden Ale), 3.8% abv

Barnwell Bitter (Traditional Amber Beer), 4.0% abv

March Hare (Premium Ale), 4.4% abv

Shacklebush (Mid-brown Beer), 4.5% abv

IPA (Pale Ale), 4.7% abv

Mad Monk (Strong Ale), 4.8% abv

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