Scottish Open 10th -13th July - a stone's throw from Royal Deeside's ales of distinction

By Giles Lockwood / July 10th 2014

Where the Feugh River meets the River Dee stands the ancient town of Banchory, the gateway to Royal Deeside, the home of the revived Deeside Brewery, that has produced high quality beers since 2005.  A new ten barrel brewery plant was installed at Deeside Activity Park in 2008, and brewing re-commenced early in 2009.  This instigated the use of their current name and latterly the new logo and beer label designs.


Associated with the Scottish Real Ale Trail, Deeside Brewery also welcomes brewery tours and visitors with prior notice. 


Royal Deeside sports many golf courses and many players welcome the opportunity to take part in the Royal Deeside Golf Classic during the week commencing the 28th July.  Amongst others, the courses include Banchory and Braemar, Scotland's Highest Golf Course.


Beer-Searcher has vectored in on Deeside Brewery as they are only 18 miles from the current Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open, part of the hugely popular European Tour, where thirsty golfers and visitors alike will be seeking out quality craft ales, locally brewed to the highest standards with the finest of scottish waters and malts.  We are Day 2 into the tournament, which concludes on 13th July.


This part of Scotland was home to Macbeth, but it was in Lumphanan, just ten miles away, that saw the the sad demise of that real Christian King Macbeth, at the hands of Malcolm's men, as Macbeth tried to return to Moray.


Yet, Macbeth has made a resurgence, in a handsomely labelled bottle of the same name.  It is of course Deeside Breweries' signature golden ale at 3,8%.  Macbeth joins Talorcan, Laf, Brude, Nectan, Swift (An American Pale Ale) and Craft Larger, all subject to availability on the day.  See below for further details.


Whilst we look forward to the Deeside Beer Festival at Potarch July 14th this year, we hope that golfers and visitors alike will find the 'sweet-spot' at the Scottish Open and 'follow-through' therafter with one of Deeside's finest brews.



Macbeth - 3.8% abv, A golden coloured ale with floral and melon notes.  Finishes dry with the flavour of tropical fruit.



Brude - 5.2% abv, A straw coloured ale loaded with the flavours of grapefruit, elderflower, and citrus.



Nechtan - 4.5% abv, An India Pale Ale style beer, golden in colour with strong flavours of orange, grapefruit and lemon.



Talorcan - 3.8% abv, A thick and creamy velvety smooth Stout style beer.  Full of rich, deep chocolate flavours.



LAF - 3.6% abv, Dubbed a 'Lager Inspired Fusion', LAF is a California Common or Steam Beer style ale with some lager qualities.  Has a clean, crisp flavour.

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