The Burton Bridge Brewery is located in Burton Upon Trent and was established in 1982.


The regular beers (many award-winning) currently being brewed by the Burton Bridge Brewery include - Golden Delicious, XL, Bridge Bitter, Burton Porter, Festival Ale, XL Mild, Top Dog Stout, Damson Porter, Stairway To Heaven, Gold Medal Ale, Dam Dog, Bramble Stout, Thomas Sykes Ale, Sovereign Ale, for more details, please see below:

Golden Delicious (golden ale), 3.8% abv

XL Bitter (amber ale), 4.0% abv

Burton Bridge Bitter (award-winning amber ale), 4.2% abv

Burton Dark (award-winning porter), 4.5% abv

Burton Festival Ale (dark amber ale), 5.5% abv

XL Mild (dark beer), 4.0% abv

Top Dog (award-winning stout), 5.0% abv

Damson (award-winning porter), 4.5% abv

Stairway to Heaven™ (award-winning pale bitter), 5.0% abv

Dam Dog (black beer), 5.0% abv

Bramble Stout (award-winning stout), 5.0% abv

Thomas Sykes (award-winning old ale), 10.0% abv

Sovereign Gold (pale bitter), 4.0% abv

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