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Royston, Hertfordshire

The Buntingford Brewery Company (Royston Fine Ales Ltd) are brewers of award winning beers.  Based in Royston, North Hertfordshire.


See below for the award-winning beers and tasting notes for the beers brewed by The Buntingford Brewery:

Highwayman, 3.6% abv

Highwayman is a balanced malty-bitterness with hints of toffee and a slightly fruity bitter-sweet aftertaste.  Brewed with Maris Otter pale, crystal & wheat malts, and Fuggles, Phoenix & First Gold hops.

Twitchell, 3.8% abv

Twitchell is a golden fruity bitter with a floral aroma and malty / hoppy aftertaste.  Brewed with Maris Otter pale & wheat malts, and English Goldings hops, plus Cascade hops from the USA.

Hurricane, 4.3% abv

Hurricane is a best bitter with a malty toffee character and a pleasant refreshing fruity bitterness.  Brewed with Maris Otter pale ale malt, crystal malt, and English Phoenix & First Gold hops.

Polar Star, 4.4% abv

Polar Star is a truly pale blonde in colour, this beer is heavily hopped to give a really refreshing citrus-hop kick.  Pineapple, Peach & Grapefruit hop flavours.

Britannia, 4.4% abv

Brittania is a traditional best bitter brewed with the best of British malt & British hops.  A rich malty sweetness underlies a refreshing spicy/blackcurrant hop aroma and flavour.

92 Squadron, 4.5% abv

92 Squadron is a pleasant rich citrus bitterness overlies a sweet malty character.  Brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, crystal & wheat malts, along with a blend of hops from England & the USA.

Royston Red, 4.8% abv

Royston Red - supremely hoppy citrus character with an underlying malty-sweetness.  Brewed with a  blend of wheat & barley malts, and a heady cocktail of hops from the USA, chosen to pack a citrus punch.

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