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Norwich, Norfolk

Buffy's Brewery produced its first beer in 1993 and gains its name from a well-known and revered former resident of the 15th Century Mardle Hall,  home of the brewery.


The brewery was founded by Roger Abrahams & Julie Savory, firstly as a lifestyle choice, but as the beers became very popular with the local pub trade the decision was made to expand the business and offer a wider selection of fine ales to all.


Over the last few years Buffy's has established itself as one of the leading brewers in the micro sector and their beers have won numerous awards.


See below for the beers and tasting notes for the beers brewed by Buffy's Brewery:

Buffy's Ale, 5.5% abv

Buffy's Bitter, the definitive Buffys beer is a classic pint in the best tradition of craft brewing.  It is brewed using the finest Marris Otter malts, with a trace of roast and crystal that produce this superb deep amber coloured bitter.

Buffy's Bitter, -% abv

Buffy's Bitter is brewed using the finest Marris Otter malts, with a trace of roast and crystal that produce this superb deep amber coloured bitter.

Norwegian Blue, 4.9% abv

Norwegian Blue, is brewed with Marris Otter malts, the wort is flavoured with premium American Mounthood hops.  English Fuggles and Goldings hops provide the balancing bitterness in this malty complex best bitter.

Buffy's Mild, 4.2% abv

A good mild beer is made with higher roast malts and should be packed with caramel flavours, with just a touch of sweetness.  The colour can be anything from the usual dark hues through to a more amber coloured appearance.

Mucky Duck, 4.5% abv

Mucky Duck is a dark smooth beer, with understated chocolate and roasted tones.  Brewed using Maris Otter and Pale malts, coupled with Willamette and Styrian Golding hops to give a wonderfully balanced and subtle combination of flavours.

Buffy's Hopleaf, -% abv

Pale in colour, this beer is brewed using a blend of quality lager malts, with just a hint of Marris Otter to add depth of flavour.  The American Willamette and Mount Hood hops are added at various stages of the boil to give a mild, slightly spicy aroma and subtle bitterness.


English Challenger hops are added at the end of this process to lend a distinctive nose.

Buffy's India Ale, 4.6% abv

Buffy's India Ale is a golden in colour and flavoured with dwarf First Gold hops.

Norwich Terrier, 3.6% abv

The Norwich Terrier is flavoured with First Gold hops whilst Styrian and Mounthood hops add to the aroma.

Nine X, 10% abv

This robust ale is overflowing with malt and fruit, but is never sweet or cloying like most beers of this strength.

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