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Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

The Broxbourne Brewery creates traditional beers and ciders with a cheeky twist.  Try their delicious Ginger Beer or one of their Fallen Angel chilli beers.


See below for the beers and tasting notes for the beers brewed by Broxbourne Brewery:

Cowgirl Gold, 4.2% abv

Pale golden in colour with extraordinary flavour and smoothness. The extra dose of Cascade hops make this a perfect summer ale.

Angry Ox Bitter, 5.5% abv

The Angry Ox is a a strong and powerful ale.

Gardener's Delight, 4.2% abv

A delicious and tempting Cider.

Ginger Beer, 4.0% abv

Traditionally made Ginger Beer.  (Fallen Angel Brewery)

Scotch Bonnet Cider, 6.0% abv

Spicy Cider. (Fallen Angel Brewery)

Black Death, 5.2% abv

The Black Death is an extreme beer containing the world's hottest chilli.  (Fallen Angel Brewery)

Fire in the Hole, 4.0% abv

Fire in the Hole is brewed using the hottest fresh chillies.  (Fallen Angel Brewery)

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