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By Giles Lockwood / June 2014



Buster Grant – Head Brewer & MD - founded Brecon Brewing in 2011, winner of numerous awards since 2004.  Buster is a Champion Brewer with strong technical knowledge and experience.   Bar Manager – CAMRA’s Great British Beer Fest.  Former Bottling Manager at WH Brakspear and Sound Engineer with M& R Communications.   Specialist in off-road driving and recovery, and a practising Sound Engineer!



"A love of beer, I suppose!  I had got to a point where I wanted to do something constructive and career based. I knew a bunch of brewers from working at various beer festivals, and having seen their suitable degree of madness, I thought I might fit in."



Brecon Brewing, Brecon Enterprise Park, Brecon, Powys LD3 8BT, just minutes from the River Usk and the beautiful Brecon National Park.



July 2011, Brewery construction underway.  September 2011, Gold Beacons, Bright Beacons and Gennessis 1:I are first brewed and out to the retailers.  With other brews underway, 250,000 pints achieved and into casks.



Dec 2012 Six Beacons and Genesis1:ii - Prophet Porter. 
Feb 2012 Alleycats ale first bottled beers exported to Taiwan! 
March 2012 Beacons to the Sea launch – marking 200 year anniversary of Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal. 
May 2012 Diamond Beacons launched for Jubilee. - Twilight Beacons 4% Dark Bitter. Genessis1:iii Babel is born and Bricknock’s Glory for The Royal Welsh Show. 
June 2012 Wandering Beacons. 
Aug 2012 Jazzy Beacons 3.8% for Brecon Jazz Fest.  More Genesis brews. 
October 2012 Green Beacons
Nov 2012 Gold Beacons launched for the Royal Welsh Winter Show. 
Dec 2012 Cwrw-istmas Beacons. 
Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Genessis 2.ii. 
Jan 2013 Six Beacons celebrate The 6 Nations Rugby. 
March 2013 Welsh Beacons brewed. 
April 2013 Dark Beacons 3.8% limited edition. 
May 2013 - Orange Beacons and Clear Wheat Beer arrives, infused with oranges.  (July 2013) Erwood Station Ale a one off and Welsh Beacons. 
Sept 2013 Super Orange 6% - a one off.  Genesis 3.i – Dark Skies 5.7% Dark Saison. 
Oct 2013 Clockwork Orange. 
Dec 2013/Jan 2014 Daffodil Spring Ale. Not excluding Goal 2014 and Ysbrid y Banna!



A Brewery Shop Christmas 2012 - selling ‘exclusive’ pint Glasses, Gold’n Beef Jerky and Bottles , including seasonal Cwrw-istmas Beacons.  Brecon Brewing ales can be found in appointed retailers, pubs and farmers' markets.  Mini-casks, T- and Polo shirts are now also available .



February 2014 - Imperial Stout Genessis 2.ii Imperious Beacons to mark Buster’s stay in Brecon for 10 years & 18 months of Brecon brewing.



For specials and new brews.  12 different Ales are despatched to the Millenium Stadium Cardiff for the 2014 Wales Festival.  Local talks and tastings may become a regular addition to the Brecon Brewing busy itinerary.



Buster Grant, Chairman of Drinks Wales, promotes the Welsh drinks industry, with full Welsh Government support.  Welsh Director for SIBA; the Society for Independent Brewers.  Prince Charles purchases Gold’n’Beef Jerky from Brecon Brewing at the March 2012 Ideal Home Exhibition - Earls Court.  An accolade indeed!



Wandering Beacons – Silver Medal - CAMRA Champion Beer of Wales Award - June 2012.   Bottled - Gold Beacons – Silver Award - Great Taste Awards August – 2013:


The Judges said :


”A good, clean-coloured beer.  We found nettles in the initial taste, which benefits from not being over-complicated.  We enjoyed the nice level of sharpness and fizz.  There is a sting in the aroma and enough hop to make it an interesting flavour with the malt coming through in the after-taste.  Simple but elegant and very honest.”


Choc-y-Wocky – Gold - SIBA Craft Beer in Keg Competition – Sheffield - April 2014.


Contact Brecon Brewing:  beer@breconbrewing.co.uk

Visit Website:  www.breconbrewing.co.uk