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Droxford, Hampshire


Bowman Ales is a micro brewery based near Droxford in Hampshire, producing award winning real ales such as Swift One and Wallops Wood. You can enjoy our beers in pubs all over the South of England.


See below for the range of regular award-winning beers brewed by Bowman Ales, tasting notes and information on each beer:

Swift One, 3.8% abv

A pale, golden quaffing ale with excellent flavours for its strength. Pleasingly hoppy throughout without being aggressive and also possessing of a fine aroma.  The finish is dry with a small twist of sweetness at the end. 

Wallops Wood, 4.0% abv

A light chestnut in colour which puts it into the 'brown beer' category.  As far as flavour goes, it tends rather more towards the malt than the hops, though there is a pleasing hop taste right at the finish.  The aroma is light and pleasant.

Elderado, 3.5% abv

A subtle injection of Elder Flowers defines this beer. Unlike some other brews of this type, there is no heavy floral scent, but more of the tiniest hint of this spring bloom.  This beer has plenty of character and a lovely bitter finish.

Ruddy Darter, 4.6% abv (bottled 4.9% abv)

“Rich ruby ale with a fruity aroma”


This ale is named after a deep red dragon fly found in local rivers and wetlands. The beer, uses malted rye to create its characteristic ruby glow.  The flavours and aromas derive from a combination of English hops.

Quiver Bitter, 4.5% abv

Gloriously rich golden in colour and with a wonderful mown grass aroma, this premium bitter is full of complex flavours including a tiny amount of caramel.  The addition of American hops gives it a full hop flavour with a dry finish.

South Sea Spice, 3.9% abv

Brewed with fresh root ginger and normally available throughout the summer months.

Nutz, 5.0% abv

Not a session beer this one. One to be savoured sitting by a roaring log fire. Aroma of Chestnuts, intriguing Chestnut flavours and rather Chestnutty in colour.  Which is as it should be, as it is brewed with organic Chestnuts from the farm of Patrice Duplan in the Ardeche region of France.  Normally available throughout the winter months but available throughout the year in bottles.

Warbler, 4.8% abv

A conker coloured premium bitter with an initial sweetness giving way to a dry chestnutty finish.  Smooth, full bodied & fragrant.  A donation for each pint and bottle sold is given to the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

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