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The Blindmans Brewery  was established in 2002 and is located in Leighton, Nr Frome in Somerset.  They produce hand-crafted real ales brewed with spring water.  All ingredients are procured locally wherever possible, with malt supplied by Warminster Maltings, traditionally germinated on open floors in a process spanning centuries.


See below for a range of award-winning real ales brewed by the Blindmans Brewery, information and a description for each beer:

Buff, 3.6% abv

Buff "Amber" brewed by Blindmans Brewery is an amber coloured and smooth session beer.

Golden Spring, 4.0% abv

Golden Spring, brewed by Blindmans Brewery is an award winning fresh and aromatic straw coloured beer, brewed with using selected lager malt.

Mine Beer, 4.2% abv

Mine Beer, brewed by Blindmans Brewery is a full bodied copper coloured, rich blended malt ale.

Icarus, 4.5% abv

Icarus Stout, brewed by Blindmans Brewery is full of chocolate flavours and a subtle bitterness.

Siberia, 4.7% abv

Siberia, brewed by Blindmans Brewery is a traditional seaonal beer, mid-brown and full bodied.

Buff Gold, 4.0% abv


Buff Dark, 4.5% abv


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