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Bexar County Brewery’s goal is to produce, well crafted and well thought out beers that perhaps other breweries would not have the gumption to produce.

See below for the range of regular beers brewed by Bexar County Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer.

Texas Pecan Coffee Mild, 3.9% abv

Non traditional mild with a hint of pecan coffee imported from San Antonio specially for this brew..

Come and Get It, 7.3% abv

A deceptively strong Imperial Red Ale.  The hops and the malt work together to create a multidimensional beer.  The initial sweetness gives way to a fruity palate with a dry finish.

Lone Ryder (Amarillo), 5.1% abv

Lone Ryder is a rye beer.  The use of Pacific Gem and East Kent Goldings hops help to not only compliment, but highlight the rye.

B4, 4.1% abv

A golden session beer.

La Perla Negra, 5.8% abv

Single hopped robust porter.  Seven hop additions leads to a spicy yet roasty and malty ale.

El Alamo, 5.9% abv

An American Amber Ale with a malty backbone that works in harmony with the abundant hops.

La Perla Negra En Fuego, 5.8% abv

The base La Perla Negra has been dry hopped with Hatch Chilis from New Mexico.  The beer retains its porter profile of malt and roast but hidden in the finish is a heat that grows with time.  This is a winter warmer done Texas Style.

Black Gold, 6.5% abv

This black export stout has it all… This beer is roasty and sweet up front leading to a hint of chocolate and coffee.  Hints of liquorice run throughout.  The finish is dry yet satisfying strong beer.

San Jacinto, 6.5% abv

A true American styled IPA.  The six hop additions lead to a well rounded IPA.  At 69 IBUs, one might not think that this is overly hoppy, but with almost half of the hops being added at the knockout stage (and therefore not giving any ratable bitterness) the hops are there and in force!

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