The Beowulf Brewing Company is located in Brownhills, Staffordshire and was established in 1997.


The beers currently being brewed by the Beowulf Brewing Company include - Dark Raven, Finn's Hall Porter, Dragon Smoke Stout, Strong Mild, Folded Cross, Wuffa, Gold Work, Heroes Bitter, Mercian Shine and IPA, for more details, please see below:

Dark Raven (Traditional Mild), 4.8% abv

Finn's Hall Porter (Porter), 5.2% abv

Dragon Smoke Stout (stout), 5.3% abv

Strong Mild (traditional strong mild), 7.5% abv

Folded Cross (copper bitter), 4.3% abv

Wuffa (golden pale beer), 5.0% abv

Gold Work (wheat beer), 5.2% abv

Heroes Bitter (bitter), 5.5% abv

Mercian Shine (pale bitter), 5.8% abv

Indian Pale Ale (ipa), 7.4% abv

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