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Small Dole, West Sussex

Nestling in the Sussex South Downs on the Golding Barn Farm estate in Small Dole, West Sussex, Baseline Brewing is a 5 Barrel Brewery which is producing the very best real ales with a focus on quality and flavour first.  Baseline Brewing use Warminster floor malted barley from the only Maltings in the South of England, together with a variety of Wholeflower Hops from New and Old World.


Baseline Brewing only use the finest ingredients, combined with traditional methods including Batch Sparge and a unique Dual Cool process, together with Resonance Fermentation, to deliver the highest quality Ale.

Decibel DnB, 5.3% abv

Decibel DnB (a musically inspired ale) is a hit of Dark Fruit followed by a rich well balanced roasted malt finish.  Over 5kg of fresh whole leaf hops to make Decibel.  Will a staccato hit of complex dark fruit with a hint of spice and citrus.  Complimented by a rolling reggae bassline of Roasted Malt.

Dark Matter 5.5% abv

Dark matter is a dark, full bodied Ale.  Not as dark or roasted as a stout or a porter,  but with a complex grain bill sure to tantalise your taste buds.  The initial flavour is roasted malt with spicy hops and a fruity but dry bitter finish, lashings of Chocolate Malt mean this beer improves with age but as always is well conditioned before leaving the brewery.


This beer contains a generous amount of Wheat Malt and you will find some bar staff struggling to cope with the head when pulling your pint.

English Electric Lightning, 6.0% abv

English Electric Lightning is a Classic English Special Bitter Style using Maris Otter Pale, Crystal & Amber Malt.  A burnished orange colour like a Lightning engine on reheat.  This beer has a pleasant citrus/fruity &  floral hop aroma and a rich biscuity malt flavour with a combination of flavours from the hops, also with hints of seville orange, citrus and fruitcake. 

Halcyon Hop Haze, 4.0% abv

Halcyon Hop Haze is  straw coloured Pale Ale with a simple grain bill.  In keeping with this simple grain recipe only one hop variety is used - Chinook.  In days gone by, this hop would have only been considered suitable for bittering purposes, however tastes have changed and Chinook is now very popular as an Aroma hop.


Considerable amounts of dry hopping give this beer a natural haze (it is also unfined).  The hops give plenty of aroma and a spicy, resinous, grapefruit flavour. 

Baseline Best Bitter, 4.0% abv

Baseline Best Bitter is a beautifully balanced beer, using British Malt and Hops with a little Carapils for a better head.  Mainly Maris Otter with a little Crystal, this beer has a lovely bisuity malt flavour with a nicely aromatic hoppy nose and flavour.  The hops used give the beer a nice combination of zesty citrus with notes of candied fruit.

Rebel Alliance - Indian Pale Ale, 6.5% abv

A “proper” IPA at 6.5% ABV this beer recalls the alliance between the Mughal Empire and rebels from the British East India Company, in the first Indian Uprising of 1857.  The end result of the rebellion was the disbanding of the Mughal Empire as well as the East India Company, and the establishment of the Raj.  An alliance of British Hops (Admiral) and American (Cascade & Chinook) combine to make this  delectable beer the perfect compliment to Indian food or on its own.

Englander Weissbier, 4.5% abv

German by name but English by nature.  This beer doesn’t comply with Berliner Weisse wheat content, nor does it taste like your typical Wheat Beer.  This beer is an original English take on a German style.  Using just Maris Otter Pale and Wheat Malt from Warminster together with Cascade and Admiral Hops, this beer is a very refreshing session beer.  More heavily hopped than a traditional Wheat Beer we layer the hops to maximise the nose and flavour of both varieties.  Floral and Fruit nose and flavour.

Sussex Subwoofer Stout, 5.0% abv

Using the Admiral Hop from the UK (this hop has a pungent resinous, orangey, citrus aroma in the rub).   It’s the perfect compliment to the Dark Roasted barley together with Chocolate Amber & Wheat Malt. 

Flying Fortress - Imperial Pale Ale, 9.0% abv

A very big beer that is matured for 6 months before release.  Available only in very limited quantities, once per annum, this is one to look out for.   A complex beer with Maris Otter Pale, Crystal, Wheat & Amber Malt.  Hop backbone is from Pioneer & Chinook and Dry Hopping in two stages with Pioneer & Chinook Hops.

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