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Bartrams Brewery is an award-winning micro-brewery and brewing started in 1999.  Located in Rougham, Suffolk.  The brewery today produces a wide-range of award-winning beers.


See below for the range of beers brewed by Bartrams Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer:

Marld, 3.4% abv

A traditional mild, spicy hops and malt with a hint of chocolate, slightly smoky with a light roasted finish.

Little Green Man, 3.8% abv

A golden bitter ale with the peppery and citrus tones of subtle coriander and hops, dry and bitter.

Roadhouse Bitter, 4.3% abv

Pale golden, heavily hopped "bitter" beer.  Intense bitterness and a long pine/citrus finish

Red Queen, 3.9% abv

Typical I.P.A. style, chocolate malt in the foreground whilst the hop flavour lingers.

Grozet, 4.0% abv

Using the Green Man as a base, gooseberries are added to give an extra dimension.

Pierrot, 4.0% abv

A complex golden ale with plenty of body for its strength, an explosion of malt and hops.

The Bees Knees, 4.2% abv

An amber beer with a floral aroma, honey softness on the palate leads to a crisp bitter finish.

Megalithic Ale, 4.2% abv

Brewed for the 'Stars and Stones Forum' with a new 'hedgerow' variety of hops called 'pilot'.

Catherine Bartrams IPA, 4.3% abv

A full bodied malty I.P.A. style, tangy hops lead the malt throughout and dominate the dry hoppy aftertaste.

Jester Quick One, 4.4% abv

A sweet reddish bitter using the fruity American Ahtanum hops.

Coal Porter, 4.5% abv

Another tradional style enjoying a renaissance, plenty of body in this ruby beer supported by lots of hops makes this complex ale a worthy sample of the traditional style.

Beer Elsie Bub, 4.8% abv

Originally brewed for a pagan wedding, this strong honey ale is now brewed all year round for pagans and Christians alike.

Cherry Stout, 4.8% abv

The sensuous hints of chocolate leads to a subtle hint of cherries in this multi award winning stout.

Captain Bill Bartrams Best Bitter, 4.8% abv

Modified from a 100 year old recipe, full malt and traditional hops blend to make a pint that would have been worthy of Captain Bill himself.

Suffolk 'n' strong, 5.0% abv

A light smooth and dangerously potable 5% bitter, well balanced malt and hops with a easy finish.

New Year Daze, 5.2% abv

What better way to see the old year out than with a pint of this deep reddish bitter.

AH 64 Specale, 6.4% abv

Brewed to celebrate the Apache Helicopter and 4 Regiment's return from operations in Afghanistan in September 2008.  The Regiment's C.O., Colonel Dalton was moving on, so it seemed an ideal way of celebrating these events.

September Ale, 7.0% abv

Brewed to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Alder Carr Farm, The third oldest farmers market in Britain.  A light fruity Barley wine using organic ingredients.

Alder Carr Ale, 10.00% abv

Brewed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alder Carr Farm.  Deep black in colour and full-bodied.  An explosive 10 percent ale!

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