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Littlehampton, West Sussex

Anchor Springs Brewery is located in Littlehampton, West Sussex and offers a large selection of real ales, beers & lagers including: Old Mothers Ruin, Black Pearl Porter, LA Gold, Hornblower, Riptide, Mild, Worthing Best Bitter, IPA and Undercurrent.

Old Mothers Ruin, 6.0% abv

This copper red ale with a smooth creamy head is full of surprise.  Very malty, with spices and orange zest.  This beer has a very complex flavour with just the right balance of sweetness and bitter finish.

Black Pearl Porter, 5.2% abv

This is a dark old english porter, very smooth with a complex range of flavours.  Sweet at the start leading to a liquorice toffee and chocolate and a hint of coffee with a pleasant bitter finish.

LA Gold, 3.7% Abv

A golden beer with a citrus aroma that leads to a burst of grapefruit and lemon, with a hint of sweetness and malt.  Plenty of mouthfeel and a zesty finish.

Hornblower, 4.5% abv

A tawny ale lightlyhopped sweet and fruity with malty kicks and plenty of mouthfeel and a real smooth finish.

Riptide, 4.1% abv

A bronze ale with a copper hue.  This beer has a caramel toffee note with a burst of sweetness on the pallet, is lightly hopped with a smooth finish.

Mild, 3.8% abv

This ruby ale is brewed at 4.5% and skimmed early to keep it sweet and full bodied.  It has coffee, chocolate and liquorice and a soft bitter finish.

Worthing Best Bitter, 4.0% abv

This amber ale with red tinge and a white creamy head, gives a burst of fruit on the tongue, followed by a deep malt flavour ending with a nice bitter finish.

IPA, 4.0% abv

A golden beer with a fresh clean aroma and a white creamy head.  First you taste sweet citrus notes followed by sweet malt at the back of the mouth.  It has a dry end note with a hint of bitterness and plenty of mouthfeel.

Undercurrent, 4.2% abv

This amber brown beer is a traditional english ale.  It has a burst of caramel and nutty taste with a hint of sweetness and a full body and a nice bitter finish.

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