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The Anarchy Brew Company is located in Stannington, Northamptonshire  and was established in 2012.


The Anarchy Brew Company brew the following beers - Blonde Star, Short Fuse, Sublime Chaos, Smoke Bomb, Citra Star, Quiet Riot, Knuckle Dragger, Warhead, Hybrids, Grin & bare It and Rough Justice,  see below for further details on these beers:


Please note: breweries often change the beers they brew, please check directly with the brewery for their current range of beers.

Blonde Star (Blonde Beer), 4.1% abv

Sublime Chaos (Stout), 7.0% abv

Smoke Bomb (Smoked Dark Beer), 3.9% abv

Citra Star (Hoppy Blonde), 4.1% abv

Quiet Riot (IPA), 6.6% abv

Knuckle Dragger (Double IPA), 8.3% abv

Warhead (IPA), 10.00% abv

Crime Scene (Amber), 5.5% abv

Grin & Bare It (Pale), 5.0% abv

Rough Justice (Amber Rye Beer), 4.5% abv

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