Why is Beer Searcher different, and how can we maximise your brand and business exposure?

As we all know, Britain produces the best beer in the world and Beer Searcher wants to promote this wherever and whenever possible.  The Beer Searcher website has been designed to be a useful and accessible resource for both the new and existing beer enthusiast.  It promotes breweries and beer, offers information, news and entertaining articles, and is backed by social media campaigns to keep visitors engaged.  We're pleased to have the opportunity to support 'Visit Britain' on the Beer Searcher website, as we share the same passion for promoting Britain and the beer industry to tourists and visitors.


Simplifying a fragmented marketplace

Representation of the beer and brewery industry across the internet can be very fragmented, and there are an overwhelming number of 'hobby' websites in this area some providing incomplete DIY brewery listings and some offering badly-presented, out of date information.   The Beer Searcher website is original in its combination of current news, beer reviews, features, and accurate beer and brewery listings in one easy-to-use website, offering fast access to the best of British breweries and beer.  We aspire to be the "go-to" beer and brewery-related industry resource.


One key aspect of the website is our powerful Search function enabling visitors to easily and quickly locate breweries and research beers.  Our Mobile website version allows fast download of brewery and beer information and is designed to be used on-the-move.


We offer a personal service and actively, passionately promote breweries and beer across the internet

With over 16 years' experience in online marketing, and a team who are genuinely passionate about beer, we offer a wealth of expertise and like to work with breweries on a personal level.  Should you choose one of our advertising options, our team will take complete control of everything so you don't have to worry about updating or entering any data yourself or making sure your logo is the correct size etc.  We'll ensure that you get the maximum exposure of the information you want across the internet, just leave it in our capable hands!


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