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Wantage, Oxfordshire

The Adkin Brewery is a micro-brewery and is located in Wantage, Oxfordshire.  The Brewery started producing beer in 2000.


See below for a range of  beers brewed by The Adkin Brewery, tasting notes and information on each beer.  Please Note: Beers produced at The Adkin Brewery are  in three sizes.  Half-Pins (eighteen pints), pins (thirty-six pints), and firkins (seventy-two pints).  

Alfred's Honey, 3.2% abv

Alfred's Honey Mild - 3.2% ABV   -   A traditional dark mild ale, with added honey.

Alfred's Golden, 4.6% abv

Alfred's Golden - 4.6% ABV  -  A premium golden ale with added torrefied wheat for an initial sweet biscuit flavour, followed by a satisfying bitter aftertaste.

Alfred's Draught, 4.6% abv

Alfred's Draught - 4.6% ABV  -  Three strains of Goldings hops are used in the brewing process, giving a pleasant bitter/sweet flavour, with a prominent hop aroma.

Alfred's Conflict of Interest, 4.6% abv

Alfred's Conflict of Interest  -  4.6% ABV  -  A spicy brew made using a triple addition of Goldings Hops

Alfred's Jewel, 4.0% abv

Alfred's Jewel - 4.0% ABV  -  A pale straw, coloured tasty ale, hopped with American Liberty hops.  An easy drinking session beer.

Alfred's Honey Golden, 4.5% abv

Alfred's Honey Golden - 4.0% ABV  -  A pale straw-coloured ale, an easy drinking ale.

Alfred's Wantaig Ale, 4.0% abv

Alfred's Wantaig Ale  - 4.0 % ABV - A very pale wheat based ale, hopped with American Cascade hops.  A good Session Beer.

Alfred's Elswith Ale, 4.0% abv

Alfred's Elswith Ale  -  4.0% ABV  - A copper coloured ale, brewed using Pale and Rye malts, hopped with Aurora hops.

Alfred's Jaypee's Stout, 5.0% abv

Alfred's Jaypee's Stout - 5.0%  ABV - A Traditional black rich stout, brewed using five different malts and best English hops.

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