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East Hoathly, Ne Lewis, East Sussex

The 1648 Brewing Company started brewing in September 2003 and now produce finely crafted Real Ales.  The brewery is located in the heart of the Sussex village of East Hoathly.  The brewery is located at the rear of The King's Head pub (located in the High Street), the pub is the main outlet for the beers.  A select number of their beers are now available in bottle.

Ruby Mild, 3.6% abv

Ruby by nature, smooth and gently hopped with plenty of body.

Hop Pocket, 3.7% abv

A light pale ale, a refreshing summer drink with a citrus hoppy aftertaste.

Triple Champion, 4.0% abv

Deep chestnut, old fashioned English bitter with a rich malty back taste.

Royal Britannia, 4.1% abv

Pale gold, smooth with plenty of body and only lightly hopped.

V S Old Ale, 4.1% abv

Deep brown, slowly fermented with a hint of rum and caramel.

Lammas Ale, 4.2% abv

Clear amber, celebrating the first harvest with the addition of malted wheat.

Three Threads, 4.3% abv

Deep brown, full bodied mild with a complex flavour of barleys, lightly hopped.

Sacred Solstic, 4.3% abv

Golden, Slightly spicy with a hint of Elderflower and Ginger

Signature, 4.4% abv

Very Pale, Sweet and malty front with a surprising dry bitter back taste.

Saint George, 4.5% abv

Chestnut, Traditional full English Bitter with malty aftertaste.

Bee Head, 4.6% abv

Honey coloured, Lightly flavoured with Sussex Downs Blossom Honey.

Warrant, 4.8% abv

Dark Porter, Smooth with a hint of coffee and chocolate.

Gold Angel, 5.0% abv

Bright Gold, Full bodied flavour with a citrus hop flavour.

Laughing Frog, 5.2% abv

Deep Gold French style full malty flavour lightly hopped.

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