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Mauldons Black Adder Brewery

by Giles Lockwood

Mauldons Black Adder Brewery


Steve and Alison Sims purchased Mauldons brewery from family owners Peter and Jane Mauldon, where brewing had been in the family since 1795.  Both Steve and Alison would benefit from their experience at Adnams in Southwold. Steve would add ‘Black Adder to the Mauldon name at a later date.



Steve met Peter Mauldon at a Norwich beer festival in 1999.  Peter was planning to retire and sell the business.  An opportunity to start a business and become a full-time brewer arose.


Mauldons Black Adder Brewery, 13 Church Field Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2YA - East of Sudbury and the River Stour.



Brewery purchased 1st March 2000, a short distance from the current modern brewery, as a well-established brewery using only traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients such as East Anglian malted barley.


A decision was taken to expand the brewery, and in June 2004 a new site at 13 Churchfield Road in Sudbury was purchased.  Over the next few months a larger brewing capacity brew kit from Canada was installed by a specialist company, AB UK.  This 30-barrel brew length doubled production, and in January 2005 the first brew was ready for evaluation.



7 regular beers including:

  • Micawbers Mild (abv 3.5%)
  • Mole Trap (abv 3.8%)
  • Silver Adder (abv 4.2%)
  • Suffolk Pride (abv 4.8%)
  • Black Adder (abv 5.3%)
  • Blackberry porter (abv 4.8%)
  • Christies Golden (abv 3.9%)


5 regular bottled beers:

  • Silver Adder (abv 4.2%)
  • Suffolk Pride (abv 4.8%)
  • Black Adder (abv 5.3%)
  • Blackberry Porter (abv 4.8%)
  • Bah Humbug (abv 4.9%) Available December



A Brewery Shop…and Two Pubs!


Bottled beers available from the shop:

Cases of 12 x 500 ml bottles

  • Silver Adder (abv 4.2%)
  • Suffolk Pride (abv 4.8%)
  • Blackberry Porter (abv 4.8%)
  • Black Adder Stout (abv 5.3%)
  • Bah Humbug (abv 4.9%) - available during December only


BREWERY SHOP: In addition 10 Litre and 20 Litre draught beer boxes, Demipins and Polypins available.



In 2008 The Black Horse public house in Sudbury, dating back to 1900, was refurbished and renovated by the Mauldon brewery and re-branded as their Brewery Tap.  Mauldons own beers dominate but an ever-changing range of guest beers also feature, as does Aspall's cider and proper German lagers and weiss beers. Their other Pub is in Norwich.



For spring and summer specials such as George’s Best in April and May Bee last month.  There is a rolling programme of monthly seasonals as well, including -


  • Lemon Adder (abv 4.0%), an amber coloured bitter with fresh citrus aroma
  • Bronze Adder (abv 4.1%)
  • May Bee (abv 3.9%), a Bitter Beer with added honey for a sweet finish
  • Midsummer Gold (abv 4%), a light crisp beer with a refreshing finish
  • Three Lions (abv 4.4%), an amber coloured full strength beer
  • Pickwick (abv 4.2%), a malt flavoured best – bitter,hoppy with fruit and a bitter sweet finish


See Mauldons website for additional seasonals, including Peggottys Porter and Dickens.



Artwork on the pump clips has been designed to include reference to Charles Dickens who has a history with Sudbury.  It was in 1834 that Charles Dickens the young reporter for the Morning Chronicle, was sent to Sudbury to report on the corrupt dealings of some of the town councillors who would meet at the Rose and Crown Hotel.  Sudbury was named Eatanswill in Dickens' Pickwick Papers.  To this end, Mauldons brew a range of beers on a Dickensian theme.



The brewery achieved national acclaim when it won the Champion Beer of Britain competition in 1991 with Black Adder.  It's still the flagship beer - though not always the biggest seller.


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